Custom Glass Shower Doors for Olympia, WA

You can have a bathroom that suits your style with custom shower doors from Golden Rule Glass. With over 15 years in the glass business, we can ensure your glass shower doors are exactly what you want. If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom in Olympia, WA, give us a call.

Your Options

When you choose custom glass doors for your shower, you have a world of possibilities to make your bathroom stand out. Whatever look you want we can create. Simply choose the style and shape you like, and we’ll get started. Choose from:

  • Frameless or framed: You can choose frameless, framed, or even partially framed to give your shower a nice touch. Frameless options provide a clean look for the whole enclosure. Framed options provide a sense of structure. They both normally open outward into the bathroom.
  • Sliding: If you want to conserve space in your bathroom, a sliding glass door is a good choice. We provide quality tracks and smooth glass, so your door will slide open easily and look great as well.
  • Bi-fold: If you want to conserve space in the bathroom but maintain ample space in the shower entry, a bi-fold door provides space to enter and conserves space in the shower’s proximity.

When you choose the structure you want, we can design your shower door to be the perfect fit for your bathroom. Once the door is designed, you can choose a clear finish or opt for a textured or frosted glass look. Whatever you choose, we know your custom shower door will be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Our Mission

Since 2003 our focus has been to provide custom glass shower doors for Olympia, WA. We prioritize quality and efficiency, so you’ll always be satisfied with the work we do.

Contact us today to get started.